Saturday, November 30, 2013

Catching up...

It has been way too long since I have posted and there is too much stuff to catch up on.  Therefore, this will be a ginormous post of pictures. 

 We Are Young at Emmanuel

 Caribou has all the answers

Snezhana's Birthday

Lady had 8 squirrels up in the tree recently. Her best day ever!
One of the squirrels went as far as it could out on the longest branch and made a jump for it to the neighbors tree.  It did not make it.  It fell.  All the way to the ground.  As Lady watched on in amusement.  The squirrel lived and ran to safety while Lady kept her diligent watch at the tree with the other squirrels.



Yup.  This is me.  But, it has gotten a lot better and I know it is going to keep straightening out.  I've started sleeping on my "torture" pillows again and my chiropractor told me an exercise to do at the gym so I can strengthen my right side to help pull things back over.


So excited I painted and lined my dresser just in time for my new place!

 I'm going to miss this lady.
Linda inspired me with her awesome terrarium that I decided to make my own.  I found this sweet fish vase and had a blast putting it together with shells and rocks from all over the world.  Along with Swiss coins for "buried treasure", an "under water" sort of looking plant and some sea creatures.

And of course my seahorse that Peter got for me in Florida.

My new favorite treat.

Deb's 30th birthday party dinner.  Christine and I made a delicious dinner of stuffed quinoa peppers and potatoes.


A wedding at Nicollet Island Pavilion

Michael cracks me up! We were out having coffee when he saw this car and was totally geeking out over it.  So much so that we tracked the owner down so he could talk to him about his car.

Lady loves to chew on leaves

My Fall planters

I got my mom to take a bike ride with me this fall.

She was exhausted!





Calhoun Beach Club

I was so proud of my parking job that I had to take a picture.  Look how close I got the van to the wall without hitting it! This was at Calhoun Beach Club for a wedding set up.  This takes some serious skill people. 

Not really sure. Yeah.  I think it is supposed to be artistic.

State Fair



 Attempting to climb up onto the branch.  This was higher off of the ground than it looks.


I was outside with Lady one day when I noticed her sneak off behind the garden.  When I went to check on her, I found her hiding and chewing on a huge raspberry branch she had ripped off the bush.  Good thing I found her and not mom!

 Helping Natasha move on one of the hottest days this summer.  After much effort, we realized we could not fit everything in her car.  We heard that you could rent a truck from Home Depot but when we got there they told us you had to by something that needed transport in order to rent the truck.  Luckily, I found this awesome patio table on sale!