Friday, June 28, 2013


Sundays have become one of my favorite days of the week.  After church Natasha, Jillian and I usually go on some kind of adventure or just enjoy fellowship around food, coffee and ice-cream.  And then Natasha and I hit the gym.  And let me tell you, working out with a partner is a lot more fun and painful!  Which is a good thing.  Last Sunday we ate lunch at Punch Pizza in NE Minneapolis and then had dessert at Izzy's ice cream shop in St. Paul.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Last Week

Last week was busy but full of great times, friends and memories.  Sunday the 16th was my grandma's birthday so we took her to Canterbury to celebrate.

Monday night Hillsong United came to the Target Center.  Natasha, Christine, Jillian and I had an amazing time worshiping with that huge stadium full of believers.

Molly was in town for the week with her adorable kiddos, so on Friday we explored the Como Zoo.  The zoo is way more fun watching little kids get excited about their favorite animals... or trains!

I had the best seat in the van.  I think I laughed with them the whole drive to the zoo!
Best Aunt: Auntie Deb!

I don't know how Molly does it bringing all three kids up to MN by herself!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fro Yo Pt3 + Random

Last week I traveled down to Northfield for frozen yogurt part three at Cherry Berry.  Not bad, but I think Sweet Toppings is still may favorite and going strong. 
So here are the facts:  flavors- nice variety. I had California Tart and Java Caramel Greek.  Toppings- ton of yummy toppings. I had strawberries, coconut, crunchy chocolate and chocolate caramel bites.  Ambiance- colorful, lots of red and green.  Overall- good company, good frozen yogurt.

Best bonfire of the summer so far...

You know its a good bonfire when you have to sit so far back, ya know... so you don't catch on fire.

Today I spent this awesomely beautiful day outside painting.  It was glorious! 
My friend Sandy encouraged me to pray and ask God for one specific word to focus on for the year.  After thinking and praying it over my word for 2013 is "seek".  The last thing God spoke to me was Matthew 6:33 Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be given to you.  We picked up some paint and a canvas, headed to Elm Creek Park and painted our words.  I could have spent all day painting.
My finished masterpiece:

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

the past couple of days...

Leaving the gym and scheming chatting with Natasha when we were captivated by God's awesome handiwork in the sky.
Today I spent all day at work making arrangements for Friday's wedding.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

This weekend turned out to be pretty amazing considering I was anticipating yet another rainy day/weekend.  This girl needs some sunshine!  And what a beautiful few days it has been, especially today.

Saturday I was in St. Paul setting up a wedding at a new venue called Abule. Here is the creation I made for the head table.  How would you like to sit at this table?!

Saturday night was spent with some new church friends and life group girls at Amanda's house.  We roasted hot dogs and s'mores over the bonfire.  I was tired from work and planned on only making an appearance, but ended up having so much fun I stayed the whole time.

Kelly and Jordan

Amanda, Elizabeth, Jillian, Me (Amanda's dog's butt photo bombing in the back)

Sunday morning church was fabulous.  What a change since my first days at Emmanuel sitting by myself, holding back tears and feeling so alone.  Today I sat with sisters and worshiped in joy and thankfulness.  I signed up to usher every other weekend so that on my Sundays off I could focus in on praise and worship.  However, on my weekends off, I always seem to get recruited to help fill in.  Pastor Nate Ruch preached a very encouraging message about vision today.  I am feeling refreshed having been reminded this morning that God is not done with me yet, He is doing something new with me, and He works all things together for my good.  And good timing, my Circle Maker prayer  since December has been, "Lord, renew my vision or give me new vision".  I believe He is revealing bits and pieces to me as time goes on and I know He has me right where He wants me.

After church Natasha and I and our new friend Natalie went to Rainbow Yo for some frozen yogurt.

On the way to get our frozen yogurt, I noticed a sign that advertised helicopter rides. Sure! Why not?!  It turns out that this weekend is the Blaine Aviation Days.  Natasha and I had a blast watching the airplanes, walking around with all of the people enjoying the gorgeous day and oh yeah... RIDE IN A HELICOPTER (thanks to Natasha)!!! I was so excited, what a great experience.  Also, I was called Ma'am twice, haha.  As in, "Excuse me Ma'am, you can't walk in this area." And, "Ma'am, please back up, an airplane is coming through."  Oh my word, sometimes I wonder how I survive.

About to get on the helicopter

You can see Minneapolis in the distance