Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My new bicycle

When I was in college I road my bike all over campus and everywhere I needed to go.  I was in great shape, and I loved it.  Except for the time I was riding behind someone else pretty fast when they slammed on their brakes.  I couldn't stop in time and slammed right into the back of their bike and went flying off of mine.  So many people saw me wipe out.  Sheesh, was that embarrassing!  Oh yeah, and except for the time when my bike was stolen from out of my house!  My sophomore year I lived in a house with about 7 other people near campus.  One night I forgot to lock the front door (oops) and someone broke in and took my bike.  I haven't had a bike since then and have been thinking about it for awhile now. 
We found it at this awesome bike shop in Rochester called Honest Bike Shop.  The guy who sold me the bike was quite the character and very helpful.  Another man that worked there offered us ice-cream bars and freshly baked cookies, both of which I gladly accepted.  It was such a great place.
They even attached a cat to my bike with a zipper pouch filled with candy!  And yes, I am leaving it on. I also just had to have a basket.  Maybe someday I'll have a puppy, or small goat ;) to put inside and ride around with.  The brand is Giant, but it says Suede on the side.  Maybe that is it's name or... something else. Not sure. But it is pretty and I love it!

I love my bicycle!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why did the turtle cross the road?

Last summer, on a day like every other day, I was driving home from my chiropractor when something AWESOME caught my eye.  I was driving along deep in thought when suddenly, "What the heck, oh my gosh... there is a ginormous turtle crossing the road!"  At the point that I saw it, the turtle was on the side of the road near the curb.  I slammed on my breaks, waited for traffic, quickly made a u-turn, found the closest parking lot, grabbed my phone and camera and ran towards the action.  Well, at that point the only action was this ancient looking turtle and my wild self running excitedly across traffic to get to this beauty.  Once I got to him, he had moved further into the road, cars now swerving around him.  I could not believe my luck crossing paths with this awesome animal that I just had to call Gabriel to fill him in on my excitement. 

Not long after getting some great pictures, some teenage guys joined us.  The turtle was now in the center of the road blocking both directions of traffic.  Luckily, one of the guys brought along an ice scraper to lure the turtle across the road, away from the traffic backing up. 

The turtle was making his way to a pond on the other side of the road rather slowly, with the help of this guy though the journey sped up quite a bit.  I followed Mr. turtle all the way back to his home to make sure he made it safe and sound.  I just wonder why he left his pond in the first place.  Anyway, it brightened my day.  I can't wait to get my very own turtle someday.  Actually, I'd like a tortoise, just like the tortoises I came upon randomly also last summer.  But that is a story for another time. 

 My shadow following close behind

On his way home

Safe and sound!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lady 2.0

Today I brought my dog Lady in to be groomed.  Here she is this morning before I brought her in.  She gets pretty shaggy, I think that is the Boarder Collie in her.  

She looked pretty afraid in the car before we went inside.  Though, I can honestly say that I think it hurt me more than it did her.  She was terrified to leave me.  Her little furry body was shaking and her tail was tucked snugly between her legs. 

When it was time to hand her over to the groomer, Lady was not having it.  She was jumping up trying to get as close as she could to me.  I could imagine her saying in her doggy mind, "Momma, don't leave me! Don't let them take me!" It broke my heart! But I had to be strong.  I explained to Lady that she needed to be a good doggy, that everything was going to be okay and that I would be back to get her soon.  Of course, this was all for my own reassurance.  I prayed that the Holy Spirit would give her peace and keep her calm. 

Three hours later we had our happy reunion.  Lady's excitement to see me was the best feeling in the world at that moment.  She looks like a new and improved Lady.  The groomer said she was a very good dog and did well during the whole process. So here she is! All the extra fur gone and she is now sleek and soft.  Plus, minty fresh breath!
I swear Lady was so happy to be back with me she had a huge smile the whole ride home.  She stuck her head out the window the whole time to show off her new beautiful self to the neighborhood. 

When we got home she ran so fast to my dad and was so happy to see him... he is her favorite after all. :) 

We survived the groomer once again!

Monday, April 2, 2012

I am perfect

I love how God will highlight a verse to me while I'm reading the Word.  What is even better, is when He brings it back a few days later to remind me.  And it is always perfect timing!

 Last week Hebrews 10:14 jumped off the page at me, "For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified." Now I know I have read that before but, I guess I have always just thought that God is in the process of perfecting me and maybe one day I will get pretty close and when I die I will be perfect. But no! I am perfect now. Not tomorrow if I try a little harder, but right now. Not only that, but FOREVER I am perfect.  How did I not realize this before?

However, only a couple days later I completely forgot.  There I was, depressed and discouraged thinking this is just the way I am. I kept telling myself that my default emotion was to be depressed and hopefully one day I will have victory.  One day. 

 But once again God proved to me His faithfulness.  At church someone was testifying about being relentless when pressing in in prayer, being relentless for that healing, for that victory.  It really resonated with me.  That's when it hit me. God hit me, figuratively speaking.  "When you chose to follow me, when you were baptized and your sins were washed away, when you were washed clean by My son's blood... I made you perfect forever. You are being sanctified, but I call you clean. You are my perfect daughter forever!"  Whoa! Depression gone! Joy overflowing. It's that simple, that easy.  Just believing what He says about me instead of the lies of the enemy.