Sunday, October 6, 2013

First Women's Annual Extravaganza Camping Trip

 Snezhana and I had planned months ahead of time and were very excited for our First Annual Women's Extravaganza Camping Trip in August. 
After inviting around 30 some women, lots of planning, lots of prayer, and lots of excitement... two days before the trip our numbers dwindled down to 2 campers. Two! Two women committed and actually came.  What does that mean?  For me, that means SUCCESS!  Woohoo, we pulled it off.  I told Snezhana, if no one shows up we will still have fun, we fail, but we will have fun, and if at least one person shows up it will be a success.  And we had 2 people show up! Hallelujah!  We had a great time.  *WARNING: Deb, there is a picture of a snake at the end of this blog post so please do not look.  I will warn you again before the picture!


We hit a major traffic jam on the drive up.  But, not to be discouraged, we laughed it off and hoped that we would at least be the first people to the camp site. (ahem, which we weren't, sorry Tina)I was so excited for my new head lamp.  I think I wore it all day... you know, just in case we hiked into a dark area, or cave, or something.  It was however, very useful on our night hike.  We hiked quite a ways in the dark and since I am a fast walker, I naturally led the hike.  After a while, I had no idea where we were or how to get back.  I realized the key to a good hiking leader is to make everyone believe you know exactly where you are and keep hiking ahead! This way, a bunch of girls won't panic.  Anyway, just like driving, I knew we would eventually find our way back.  And we did.

It was so much fun having Pastor Lynn camping with us.  Her experience was much needed!

In our invitation to the camping trip we told everyone that there would be a gift for all of the campers.  The original plan was to make these awesome t-shirts and then everyone could sign them.  Fortunately for Snezhana and me, there were only 2 campers for us to buy a gift for.  Unfortunately for them, we were working from the "budget" camping fund and so the t-shirts were out of the question.  We did though find these super cool and colorful hair extensions! On clearance!! We were so blessed that Pastor Lynn and Tina actually wore them.


I woke up before everyone else and so I decided I would try and build a fire on my own.  And I did! It took a long time but I did it.  I know that might not sound like a bid deal, but it was to me.

Ever try to climb a tree? How about a tree without any branches to climb up on?

I got it into my head that if I used the bag from my folding chair as a strap around the tree I would be able to hoist myself up the tree, which I did.  But I only made it so far.  If I could just find a bigger strap to put around my waist I could really climb all the way up.  Totally the challenge for the 2nd annual trip!

Eating, resting, hiking, eating, resting, resting equals fun camping trip.
Okay Deb, stop looking at this post now!!!!
Almost directly across from our camping site someone spotted this really big snake.  We got to watch it a few minutes before it slithered down its hole.  So cool.  I was hoping to see a bear or at least a deer but I will settle for a snake.  It was probably around 4ft long!!

First Women's Extravaganza Camping Trip was a success and a lot of fun.  We learned important planning lessons that will definitely help us out next year.  Thank you Tina and Pastor Lynn for be patient with us when we didn't always know what we were doing.  And thank you Snezhana for leading this with me!