Thursday, March 27, 2014

Walking out of work today I encountered the most beautiful snowfall that I've seen in a long time.  The snow was floating down in big white puffs.  I felt like I was walking in a snow globe.  It's officially spring and I can't wait for warm sunshine and green grass, however, the snow today was welcomed and enchanting.  What was my first thought stepping out into the snow? Perfect weather to sit down with a good book at a coffee shop! I absolutely love spending time in my new place and since I have loads of tea I decided to create a coffee shop atmosphere right at home.  
How do you think I did?

I love this little corner of my place.  I felt like I was sitting at some cozy little Parisian coffee house.  In fact, the pictures on the wall are posters I found at a market in Paris.  Europe is definitely calling my name again! The patio table is the same one I bought with Natasha when we were moving her out of her apartment last summer.  I think it fits perfectly in this corner.

Almost everything in this picture was a gift.  The beautiful tea pot was made by my dad's uncle Melvin (  The tea cup and saucer Jessica got for me on my birthday and is from Anthropologie.  The shortbread Scottie dog cookies were given to me by my dad on my birthday from World Market.  The tea, Yogi honey lavender was from Suzi.  The book, You Are a Prize to be Won! written by Wendy Griffith was also a birthday gift, from Kathy.  Yet again, another book at the perfect time!  And finally, the colorful tray was a housewarming gift from my friend Bri.
With Dvorak playing in the background, yummy tea and my great book, I have to say this afternoon at my makeshift coffee shop rivaled some of the chic Parisian coffee houses I long to visit again or even one of the local coffee shops I frequent here at home.