Tuesday, January 28, 2014


What a month, what a cold month!  Why do people live in MN?  Do you see that? "Feels like -33 degrees F"! Seriously Molly C., let me know when you are packed and ready for Bora Bora.

My new favorite flower (and phone wallpaper), French Heather.

 One snowy Friday night, Bri and I went to an art studio to paint pottery.  I painted this dish... yeah, note to self, next time plan ahead.
 Bri did an awesome job painting this travel mug.
 This was my rendition for Peter of what my bee hive is going to look like.  Pretty self explanatory I think.
 Lady has her very own chair in the basement that she loves to sleep in while dad and I watch (cough) The Walking Dead (cough)... don't judge, it is awesome.  Yup zombies.  Anywho... Lady fell asleep like this, half falling off the chair.  I love this animal.
The most fun I have had all year so far... Bill's Gun Range!  Holy cow I have got to get myself a gun, so fun!  I have shot guns before but never in a gun range.  So to celebrate Tina's birthday we shot guns for about 3 hours.  Who knew it would be so much fun?!

 I don't know if you can tell what I was shooting at... ZOMBIES! 

There were four zombies in the picture and as everyone knows, you have to shoot a zombie in the head to take it out.  At 25ft, it only took me 4 shots and I got each zombie in the head, Oh Yeah!  I would definitely survive a zombie apocalypse. Darryl would be proud!

I make this look good, right?! I think I found my knew calling, cop or spy for sure.
 Tina taught me how to reupholster my chairs. 


After:  I love my refurnished, girly as all get out chairs!  


  1. I LOVE YOUR CHAIRS!! Great job, Sarah and Tina! Also love Lady falling off the chair and the beehive drawing. But zombies??? Not you too!!!

  2. very cool chairs! are the flowers upside down on one?!?!:) sorry. jk.